Sercel-GRC is the world’s leading manufacturer of monitoring systems to measure vital parameters such as pressure and temperature at the bottom of an oil/gas well. In building sensors, Sercel-GRC manufactures pressure transducers (both quartz and capacitance) that can withstand the severe bottom-hole conditions found in drilling wells.


  • Since 1926
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  • 100,000+ Sensors Deployed
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  • ISO-9001:2008

We have specialized in producing these types of sensors since 1929.

Today Sercel-GRC produces a complete line of monitoring solutions for use throughout the life of a well from drilling to production to shut-in. Features include:

  • Artificial lift sensors for control and monitoring of pumps
  • Permanent monitoring systems for continuous monitoring and control of a well
  • Memory gauges for production and drill stem testing
  • Surface readout tools (SRO) for electric line logging of a well
  • Surface equipments

Sercel-GRC provides gauges and surface readouts for permanent, memory and artificial lift applications.

Sercel-GRC is the only pressure and temperature gauge company that designs and manufactures the complete gauge system, including the transducer, line driver circuit and surface data acquisition equipment. Sercel-GRC also provides software, calibration services, customer technical support services, and simulation equipment to troubleshoot any Sercel-GRC tool application.

Our system is designed to lower customers’ total cost of ownership by ensuring less frequent recalibration, industry leading data accuracy and resolution, lower repair costs and arid decreased wet-management costs. Sercel-GRC’s artificial lift gauges provide operators with numerous parameters to determine well bore optimization, preventive maintenance programs and the ability to interface with controllers to maximize production.