Our AMERADA® Monitoring solutions offer a broad range of sensors powered from the surface using a Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC) for Permanent, PCP, Rod Pump application and much more.

Sercel-GRC Sensors transmit data via a TEC cable,
and measure the following parameters:

  • Intake pressure & temperature
  • Discharge pressure and/or temperature
  • Vibration (X&Y Axis)


C-Series Sensors incorporate Sercel-GRC's patented Gap-Capacitance transducer technology designed to deliver superior reliability in oilfield applications.


Q-Series Sensors incorporate Sercel-GRC's Quartz transducer technology to deliver the best accuracy available on the market. Q-Series can record any type of production test, including buildups, drawdowns and variable rates.


Customizable solutions are our specialty and our team of experienced technical service personnel makes the job easy. Sercel-GRC’s low-cost solution provides the operator with proven and dependable technology for real-time monitoring of your reservoir. A full complement of completion ancillary items, surface data acquisition hardware and software can be customized to fit your needs.

Sercel-GRC also provides a global network of highly skilled technical service and support personnel to ensure your completion integrity.

Compatibility and Data Functionality: Sercel-GRC's Q and C-Series Sensors are compatible with any Permanent, PCP or Rod Pump completions. Combined with the Sercel-GRC Datalogger™ or our FIC Controller, the Amerada® Sensors provide the most reliable real-time monitoring solution for the lowest total cost.

Rugged and Reliable Design: Our patented "metal-to-metal" seal for unmatched ruggedness and reliability also protects the sensor’s pressure transducer and circuitry. The ease of operation helps safeguard your valuable PCP investment and maximize your production for years to come.

Click here for more information on the specifications of our AMERADA® Monitoring Solutions (PDF)