Consistent high volume with high quality and reliability

ESP Legacy Key Benefits

Provides Real-Time Downhole Monitoring
uCommand High Speed Data Update
Prevents Premature Pump Failure
Field-Proven, Rugged, Accurate, and Reliable
Rugged and Accurate Parallel Plate Gap Capacitance Transducer
Maximizes Production
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The value proposition of data acquired through the use of downhole sensors has been well documented in the industry: increased revenue, reduced cost, production optimization, and increased equipment life. Sercel-GRC offers a full line of highly reliable, accurate, real-time, “comms on” downhole sensors that are adaptable for use with any manufacturer’s brand of Electric Submersible Pumping equipment.

Sercel-GRC’s sensor system is reliable, rugged, durable, and easy to install and operate. Combined with a service team of experienced professionals, accurate data from your well to your desktop is just a click away.

Sercel-GRC’s broad product offering is designed for reliability regardless of the environment. For standard wells, Sercel-GRC offers and ESP-sensor system using a rugged, accurate parallel plate gap capacitance transducer. This transducer was designed and patented by Sercel-GRC specifically for oilfield application. When extreme reservoir accuracy is needed, Sercel-GRC offers a quartz sensor system with pressure accuracies at 0.032% full scale.

Sercel-GRC’s sales philosophy is simple: design and manufacture the most reliable sensor in the world, engineer it to outlast the equipment it is attached to, and deliver a world-class service commitment.

Whether you require a few or hundreds of sensors, Sercel-GRC can deliver. Sercel-GRC’s productions capacity is unparalleled in delivering consistent high volume with high quality and reliability.