Number one. And first again.

Spy Pro Key Benefits

Metal-to-Metal Seal and Completely Waterproof
The most channels of measured data available
uCommand Two-Way Control
Real-Time, High Speed & Accurate
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Introducing Spy Pro: The world’s first truly waterproof ESP gauge. 
At Sercel-GRC, innovation is at the core of everything we do. And as the worldwide leader in downhole data acquisition, we’re proud to unveil yet another industry benchmark. It’s called Spy Pro – the only ESP gauge available with a waterproof, metal-to-metal sealed design. GRC’s proprietary technology lets you continue monitoring well performance, even when the motor connection is submerged in water. That means unbroken access to the vital data you need. But this is only part of the story.

Spy Pro is compatible with all ESP providers, including slimhole applications with a 3 .75” equipment diameter. And the entire Spy Pro product family includes multiple configuration options, including corrosion-resistant metallurgy, various motor adapters, and discharge pressure measurement.