Key Benefits

  • Increase production by maintaining the lowest possible uid level over pump
  • Avoid premature pump-off due to inaccurate algorithms
  • Improve control over motor speed by monitoring real time bottom hole data
  • Enable automated decision making using measurements, not assumptions or calculations
  • Verify pump con guration’s actual performance and ef ciency
  • Reduce lifting cost and extend life of pump

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Relevant Surface Products



RelevanT DOWNHOLE Products

C-series gauges are compatible with any type of completion. By incorporating Sercel-GRC’s proprietary transducer technology, C-series delivers superior reliability and ease of operation, helping to safeguard your investment and maximize your production over the life of your well.

C Series Gauge

Like the C-series, Sercel-GRC’s P-series gauges are compatible with any type of completion. Utilizing a durable and accurate piezoelectric transducer, P-series products are offered in a slim 1-inch OD package for tight wells, where clearance issues may be a concern.

P Series Gauge

Q-series gauges provide the most accurate and reliable surveillance solution. Sercel-GRC’s proprietary quartz transducer technology paired with a finely tuned oscillator circuit offers superior accuracy, higher sensitivity, faster response, and minimal drift over time. 

Q Series Gauge