MEMORY GAUGES Know your reservoir

MANY OPERATORS REQUIRE PRESSURE and temperature data but would prefer to minimize the cost. Sercel-GRC’s Memory Gauges offer those operators the ability to capture critical reservoir data via a short term test. Our memory recorders are ideal for acquiring pressure and temperature data for reservoir characterization during pressure buildup and drawdown tests, drill-stem testing, TPC runs, and cement top testing. Sercel-GRC’s Memory Gauges can be configured for wireline and carrier applications.

Memory Gauges Key Benefits

Durable and Rugged
User Friendly Software
Sercel-GRC Quartz offers superior accuracy
Minimal cost to operate
Can be carrier mounted
Global sales, service, and support network
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The QMR Quartz Memory Recorder is built to last and provides the most accurate bottomhole pressure and temperature data for interval testing. If you desire highly accurate, low drift and high-resolution pressure/temperature reservoir data, the QMR is the tool of choice

Enduro II

For the value conscious operator, the low cost Enduro II Piezoresistive Memory Recorder was designed for low maintenance, low power consumption, and high quality, keeping the operator in mind. Pressure and temperature data can be easily transferred from the Enduro II to a computer with a user friendly communications kit.