Frack optimization has become a key factor not only in the economic life of a producing wellbore, but also in the field as a whole.

Depending on the scenario and the type of data the user requires, GRC sensors can easily be installed in multiple offsetting wells, including the well that is being fracked.  Our products help operators to better understand the performance of the frack on the wellbore itself in relation to the effects on the reservoir as a whole, and how it is affecting the performance of offsetting wells.  Real time optimization can be achieved by making adjustments during the frack, by monitoring the wellbore pressure build-up during the frack in relation to pressure in offsetting wells.  Once the frack has been completed, draw down pressure on the wellbore and reservoir can be monitored over time.

Relevant DOWNHOLE Products

C-series gauges are compatible with any type of completion. By incorporating Sercel-GRC’s proprietary transducer technology, C-series delivers superior reliability and ease of operation, helping to safeguard your investment and maximize your production over the life of your well.

C Series Gauge

Like the C-series, Sercel-GRC’s P-series gauges are compatible with any type of completion. Utilizing a durable and accurate piezoelectric transducer, P-series products are offered in a slim 1-inch OD package for tight wells, where clearance issues may be a concern.

P Series Gauge

Q-series gauges provide the most accurate and reliable surveillance solution. Sercel-GRC’s proprietary quartz transducer technology paired with a finely tuned oscillator circuit offers superior accuracy, higher sensitivity, faster response, and minimal drift over time. 

Q Series Gauge