Unmatched range of monitoring and data
acquisition solutions

Data Pro is a high-performance universal configurable surface acquisition unit, which can operate as a simple and independent RTU, and/or support internal SPS-1500 or FIC-1500 surface readouts. The main features are data logging, real-time graphing, historical graphing, Modbus communication and gauge configuration. The system is powered by either an AC or DC power supply and resides in a NEMA-4X rated, non-conductive, rust proof enclosure.

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FIC-1500 FSK Surface Readout

The FIC-15OO FSK Surface Readout is a cost effective solution to interface with Sercel-GRC’s line of C, P, and Q-Series monitoring solutions. The FIC-15OO provides real time monitoring of pressure, temperature, and vibration parameters in a DIN rail mountable enclosure. The FIC-15OO includes an always on display for easy reading in the field. The FIC-15OO is easily configurable with RS-485 or RS-422 Modbus interfaces for easy connection to SCADA system as well as a USB interface for local configuration. 


SPS-1500 ESP Surface Readout

The SPS-1500 ESP Surface Readout is the value solution for interface and communication to Sercel-GRC’s line of Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) sensors. The SPS-1500 obtains and displays the acquired parameters, such as intake pressure, intake temperature and x/y vibration on the easy to see LCD display. The SPS-1500 is designed to be easily installed inside of a customer’s provided equipment using a 35mm type DIN rail mount.