Data Pro Key Benefits

Plug and play, field upgradable, universal data acquisition solution for multiple gauges
Open source, Linux based OS supports real-time custom analytics
7-inch touchscreen offers rich data visualization from multiple wells or zones
Data Pro and interface firmware updates via USB
Modbus Master polling consolidates wellsite data into standard CSV files
Real Time graphing with ability to display custom defined historical data
Does not require a PC or special tools, calibration data, discs, or manuals for installation
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Data Pro is a high-performance universal configurable surface acquisition unit, which can operate as a simple and independent RTU, and/or support internal SPS-1500 or FIC-1500 surface readouts. The main features are data logging, real-time graphing, historical graphing, Modbus communication and gauge configuration. The system is powered by either an AC or DC power supply and resides in a NEMA-4X rated, non-conductive, rust proof enclosure.